International Shaolin Wushu Federation


The official Shaolin governance of the Shaolin lineage of curriculum, teacher certifications, official Duanwei grading and licensing as overseen by the official Shaolin Temple, China. 

International MeiHua Quan Federation


The official MeiHua Quan governance of curriculum, teacher certifications, official duanwei grading, and licensing as overseen by the Official Meihua Quan Association, China.

Meihua Quan Association, China

Board Members, Vice President, General Secretary

Shifu Shi Yan Jun appointed honorable Vice President on the board of the Meihua Quan Association, China. 

The association oversees all activities related to and promoting the knowledge of Meihua Quan.

Mei Boxing Association

Executive Directors

Under the Ministry of Culture, China oversees the cultural development for the Meihua Quan self-defense system, including promotion, awareness, and appreciation.

World Federation of Chan Meditation

Executive Director

Under the direction of the Shaolin Temple Medical Center, oversees the development and teaching of health and longevity through official Chan Meditation styles.